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***I was the listing agent for several Fannie Mae owned (REO) rehab properties. Fannie hired Economu Construction to perform the rehab work. The work was done on time and within the specified budget.
I had no problems with any of the work or workers. Things got done when they were supposed to get done and if there happened to be an issue with the work it was taken care of in a timely fashion and to my satisfaction.
I’ve worked with many general contractors over the years and I’ve found Economu to be one of the best.


***I am a seasoned (40 years) real estate investor, and Certified Property Manager. I acquire orphaned and abandoned property all over the US that requires repair and restoration to bring them back to use.  I used Economu Construction in 2011 for 4 homes in their area. Their work was excellent, on time, on budget.  I still own those homes, and now need some work done. I will contact Economu again to assist me.


***I recently moved into a house rehabbed by Economu Construction. I was blown away by the changes made to the house! For an older home it sure doesn’t show its age now. The attention to detail inside and outside was flawless. Our new neighbors have given the house so many compliments. They were so happy to see the eye sore turn into one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. Thank you Economu Construction for making my house a home!



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